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Clare’s Beauty College Students

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We have only had SMART for seven months; I wonder how we have done everything without it. It has already reduced the amount of paper by half. “I Love It!” I look forward to learning more because I am starting to realize it can do just about anything. You will never go wrong by adding this program to your school.

Linda Weldner
Cosmetology Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences
Winston-Salem, NC

The SMART System has definitely made my life easier, NACCAS Reports, IPEDS Reports, Year-End Audit Reports, 1098T Reports all done with the click of a mouse. What used to take me days is now done in literally minutes. The SMART System has been easy to use and great technical support has been a toll free phone call away. My problem is fixed or my questions answered on the spot.

For Sidney Hairdressing College the financial Aid system has been a “SMART” choice.

Bill Wyer
Sidneys Hairdressing College
Hutchinson, KS

SMART has been wonderful for our school. Before SMART we were still doing everything on paper! We have now been able to move to self processing for Title IV with the help of the SMART Program.

Veronica A. Hayney
Creative Images College
Fairborn, OH

SMART can complete reports, surveys, record data, compile surveys, etc….Quite Convenient!

Elaine Gunn
State Barber College
Oklahoma City, OK

DeWolff College has utilized the SMART System for over 10 years. The SMART System has been of great benefit in our record keeping processes and enabled us to concentrate on the operation of our school and serving our students. Support services have always been readily available, if we needed them, and are only a telephone call away. I highly recommend the SMART System to any school wanting an accurate, efficient and economical record keeping system for their school (s).

Clyde I. Washburn
DeWolff Beauty College
Albuquerque, NM

SMART has been a life saver for helping me track all aspects of our school, everything from Satisfactory Progress Monitoring, Audits, Student Management and over seeing Financial Aid. I would recommend SMART to any school!

Vincenza Roques
Culinary Institute of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

The SMART program makes Return to Title IV so much easier using other web sites. The Financial Aid Award Letters can be created in house, which is so much faster than waiting for our third party servicer. I think SMART makes submitting reports to the proper agencies much quicker and easier.

Carole William
Culinary Institute of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

SMART has been a great aid to our school for the following reasons:

  • Helps to track our attendance.
  • Helps to track SAP.
  • Organize grades.
  • Tracks prospective students.
  • The ledgers keeps track of monies owed or paid by students.

Once we learned how to access the many reports, we have used them for much needed information such as IPEDS and NACCAS Annual Reports.

Technical Support has been a great resource as our support system.

Vicky Ryan
Brown Aveda Institute
Mentor, OH

SMART has proved to be a very helpful piece of software for us. We used it to do our audit this year and it saved us so much time and made the audit go much smoother.

We also use it to prepare student monthly reports, this saves us an average of 20 hours per month and as a bonus our State Inspectors love to come to our school for his inspections. When he comes in and sees neat accurate reports of hours and services he’s in and out.

SMART support has been great! All of our questions have been answered quickly and accurately. SMART has excellent hands on training available – We recommend SMART TO EVERYONE.

Justina Foster & Kali Weidner
Lewiston, ID

SMART has been a wonderful recruitment tool. It has helped us advertise effectively and track leads promptly. Everyday we find another use which helps our operation become more efficient.

Andrea L. Burns
State College of Beauty Culture
Wausau, WI

The SMART system has helped our office run more efficiently and made our jobs so much easier. The record keeping is so complete; all our reports are done without worry. I would never be without the program. It made my life simpler.

Sharon Berry
Greenville, TX

As an owner of six cosmetology schools, I have found the SMART system to be the best student record management program readily available to organize student data and have the data available to view and print.

This program is very simple to learn and use and has made our jobs much easier. Several reasons why I like SMART:

  • Lessens administrative burden on a day to day basis.
  • Manages student records from recruiting through placement.
  • Meets compliance with all ever-changing requirements mandated by U.S. Department of Education and accrediting agencies.
  • Designed to meet your institutions needs.
  • Cost-effective methods of maintaining student records while maximizing cash flow.
  • Technical support staff is excellent.

Thanks again for developing the SMART program. Your effort and quick response to continue to update your program to meet the needs and challenges of schools are incentives to purchase SMART. Again, a great program.

Jan Rowland
The Hair Design Schools
Louisville, KY