Products and Services - School Management

School Management

You can utilize all of the functionality of OnlineSMART.Net without requiring a large initial investment or a complex computer network. Armed with this simplicity, OnlineSMART.Net ASP provides a convenient, cost effective way to bring the power of:

  • Assigns Unique Prospect Number automatically
  • Queries for appointments, start dates, and follow-up
  • Converts prospects to students
  • Schedules and tracks financial aid, creates award letters, post payments to ledger
  • Creates new prospects, via ISIR imports
  • Generates notification of new prospects
Student Enrollment
  • Provides Unique Permit Number, SSN and Attendance ID
  • Imports attendance from our SMARTTime.Net program automatically
  • Monitors Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Monitors Verification Requirements
  • Correlates financial aid data with ledger entries to minimize error
  • Generates notification of new prospects
  • Enters ISIR data on student and parent ISIR Screens
  • Performs Return of Title IV funds Calculation
  • Tracks Leaves of Absence
  • Allows for notes and creation of follow-ups
  • Allows student fields to be queried
  • Green document upload feature allows paperless record keeping
  • Documents student labs and test grades.
  • Calculates Satisfactory Academic Progress automatically after grades are saved.
  • Provides Student Transcripts.
  • Records student attendance.
  • Validates that attendance date is after student start date.
  • Tracks attendees by single monthly record or by multiple daily records.
  • Tracks average monthly attendance, projected graduation date and over contract.
  • Time clock integration.
Alumni & Placement Capabilities
  • Tracks alumni licensure and employment data.
  • Creates outcomes assessment reports.
  • Maintains listings of graduates and employers.
  • Provides data for Open Accounts Only.
  • Enters multiple or single ledger transactions.
  • Alerts against possible disbursement problems.
  • Prevents disbursement of federal funds if student is not eligible.
  • Allows for override of disbursement restriction.
  • Generates reports for all students, alumni and prospect records.
  • Queries reports for subset of students, alumni and prospect records.
  • Tracks multiple students and prospect follow-up dates with tickler report.
  • Prints reports, saves to disk or exports to other printable programs (Excel, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).
  • Creates mailing labels.
  • Custom attendance reports to meet state requirements.
  • Generates information for required annual reports.
  • Network/multi-user workstation or single user.
  • Parameters and system controls specific to your school.
  • ISIR data to be loaded internally or from your servicer.
  • SMART Calendar with your school's closed days.
  • Satisfactory Progress requirements.
  • Over contact calculations unique to each course.
  • Onsite database backup
  • Offsite Turn-Key Data-center backup and storage
  • User defined access rights