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Time Clock

SMARTTime©Hardware & Software

SMARTTime© Desktop application designed to help schools track student attendance. Students clock in and out through the use of an external state of the art bio-metric fingerprint scanning device. Users can manage, modify and validate students attendance in the desktop application and receive multiple report such as; Time Activity, Roster, and Clock Punch. The SMARTTime© solution interfaces and allows a user to send the student's attendance directly into their individual profile in SMART web-based school management solution. 

Not only do our clients receive the software and hardware. We have also designed a SMART Roll Call application that can be installed at the front desk. To allow your schedulers to see who is available for appointment and/or who is on break.

***NEW SMARTTime© Web-based application has arrived. The web-based version is currently being sold as a self contained module which include school calendar, student schedule, attendance and clock punch logs. This means you will be able to generate PACE% with this time clock. Find another time tracking system that can do that! This solution can automatically deduct lunch and breaks as well as implement other adjustments you set like penalties for being tardy or late. The software will track actual time taken and display the auto adjusted time as well. An easy example would be you tell the student to take a 30 minute lunch and they only take 25 minutes. Well don't worry because this clock will auto generate a 5 minute adjustment to equate exactly 30 minute lunch without an administrator's touch saving time, and we all know that equals money. Oh yeah did we forget to mention with the solution being 100% web-based you "could" close out your student hours from pool side if you really wanted too!

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