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Time Clock

SMARTTime©Hardware & Software

SMARTTime© Desktop application designed to help schools track student attendance. Students clock in and out through the use of an external state of the art bio-metric fingerprint scanning device. Users can manage, modify and validate students attendance in the desktop application and receive multiple report such as; Time Activity, Roster, and Clock Punch. The SMARTTime© solution interfaces and allows a user to send the student's attendance directly into their individual profile in SMART web-based school management solution. 

Not only do our clients receive the software and hardware. We have also designed a SMART Roll Call application that can be installed at the front desk. To allow your schedulers to see who is available for appointment and/or who is on break.

SMARTTime© Web-based application has arrived. The web-based version is currently being sold as a self contained module which include school calendar, student schedule, attendance and clock punch logs. 

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